New stuff doesn’t ruin old stuff

Metroid Prime: Federation Force, an widely panned game already. People all over the globe have gathered to show their distaste for this putrid abomination. A truly vile creation… but the real kicker? It isn’t even out yet.

(This is gonna be a long one.)



I want to give you money, so let me.

There are some video games out there that I love so dearly. So much so that I want to give the big companies that make them as much money as I can to show my support. But they just won’t let me.


Where to put all these amiibo?

With the release of the Wolf Link, Ryu and Famicom Colors R.O.B., I find myself running out of places to put all these amiibo. I only have a small room to display all of my figures and collectibles, so with Nintendo making a plethora of characters into amiibo that I want, things are getting… troublesome.