There is no rush

I have seen a lot of people moaning and groaning about having to play some game, or watch some TV show, or see some movie. Not because it’s something they won’t like, but because they simply feel obligated to do so, and force themselves through it. I believe that everyone should stop forcing themselves to push past something they aren’t really feeling yet.



The Culling could be something special

Me and my friend entered the arena of The Culling for a couple hours today. We punched trees, rocks, and people. We also had a great time.


New stuff doesn’t ruin old stuff

Metroid Prime: Federation Force, an widely panned game already. People all over the globe have gathered to show their distaste for this putrid abomination. A truly vile creation… but the real kicker? It isn’t even out yet.

(This is gonna be a long one.)