Having a rough go of things with some personal stuff, I won’t be posting here that much in the new few weeks. But I will still have a few things to throw up. Hope to get back to posting frequently soon.




YOU DIED – and that’s OK

A new Dark Souls is right around the corner, and to some people that’s a scary thought. But I have always wanted to just say that it shouldn’t be.


I wanted to start a blog, so I did.

The reasoning behind it is obvious, just to talk. Doesn’t matter if nobody sees it or 10 people see it; this is a spot for me to express my opinion and chat about what I’m up to. I am also able to be more in-depth than on any other website I visit.

I have also decided that instead of just slapping up a wall of text for anyone to read, I will also include an image of my own creation if at all possible. Sometimes an idea might spring to mind, so I will needlessly push that into all of your eyes as well.

No promises, but I will be trying to post something every day. Could be something massive, or just a little snippet.