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Time between posts

Just wanted to reiterate that I will only be posting when I have something I am itching to talk about. The blog isn’t dead, just waiting for something to spark my interest and get me typing up something meaty and/or fun. Also sometimes there might be something I do feel like talking about, but I have a bit of a hard time visualising how to express those feelings into words and a (albeit crude) drawing.

Anyway, E3 2016 is in less than a week, so I’ll surely have something to say about whatever happens there.


What’s Up? – May 29th, 2016

Been a while since I posted one of these, so there’s a big bundle of new goodies to unpack. Going to go ahead and just jump into it.


Singleplayer, with a side of multi.

The new Doom was recently released to almost universal acclaim, which is wonderful to hear. To have a classic series like Doom return and be relevant once again is simply music to my ears. But all the praise I hear is almost entirely about the singleplayer. So why can’t I just have that part?


Persona 5 vs Final Fantasy XV?

The Final Fantasy XV release date (and much more) was shown almost two months ago, and I immediately felt the hype flowing through me. But then just recently, a Persona 5 trailer was released with the Japanese release date shown at the end. This led to my Final Fantasy XV hype taking a backseat while the Persona 5 vibes have now taken over.