What’s Up? – May 29th, 2016

Been a while since I posted one of these, so there’s a big bundle of new goodies to unpack. Going to go ahead and just jump into it.

So, while I have been playing a bunch of games over the past few months, I’m just going to talk about what has been played as of late.

Until Dawn is up first. A slasher movie staring a bunch of teenagers going up to a cabin for a getaway, basically turned into a game where your choices can change who lives and dies. I purposely won’t say anything about characters or the story, in fear of spoilers for a game that many may not have played yet. But all my characters died on my first go around, so that is a thing that can happen. Now I’m just trying to get the platinum trophy for the game. I believe that Until Dawn is really unique adventure that anyone with a PS4 should try, plus I’m sure you can find it relatively cheap nowadays. Give it a go.


I also just barely started The Order 1886. Heard some nasty words spoken about this game, but it was dirt cheap, so why not. Not much else to say besides that.

There has been a ton of TV being watched lately. I’ll start with some of the anime from this season I’ve been checking out.

Sakamoto desu ga? is first up. A wacky show about a high school boy who is loved and admired by pretty much everyone around him. Those who are envious of the adoration he receives are usually going to end up falling for his charms as well. I absolutely 100% love this goofball show. Watching it puts a smile on my face from start to finish. So if you enjoy a heavy dose of off-the-wall comedy in your anime schedule, definitely check this bad boy out. (P.S. Sakamoto is so COOL!)


Numero duex, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. Basically an Attack on Titan-esque show where your main characters are up against a brutal enemy right from the get-go. The status of humanity is grim, and the future bleak. Zombies, guts, some mystery, and plenty of action make it a fun enough show for me keep checking out every week.


The last anime from this season that I’m watching is My Hero Academia. In a world where almost everyone has some weird ability that makes them unique, a “quirk”, some of them use this ability to try and become heroes (and villains). The main character doesn’t have any ability at all. Convinced that he can still be a hero regardless of his handicap, he proceeds to try and be the best hero he can. While I find it pretty predictable for the most part, it, like Kabaneri, is still enjoyable enough to continue watching week to week.

bokunoher o.png

Now for real-life actors doing things on a television screen in front of a camera, The Night Manager. I’m not too deep into this show yet, but it seems to be of a pretty good quality. Hugh Laurie plays off of Tom Hiddleston as the good dude, while Laurie is the bad dude. It’s a mini-series that spans for 6 hour-long episodes, so a low commitment show. I appreciate not having to be invested for several years to see the whole story of a TV show. The first couple episodes I have seen have been a pretty slow burn, but not a boring slow. I’m interested to see how it pans out in the end, so I’ll definitely keep watching. I mean, I’m already almost halfway complete.


Lastly on this list for today is that I have been fiddling around with Unreal Engine 4. I’m currently watching a number of tutorial videos to try and make a working prototype of a game. I always thought it would be really boring to learn how to make a game, but I’m actually quite invested in making something that can be played by someone. I sincerely doubt I’ll be making something worthwhile, but it’s just something I could dump time into that might not be entirely a waste. We’ll see how it goes.

That’s all for this update on May 29th, 2016. Hopefully the next update isn’t such a gigantic one.





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