Singleplayer, with a side of multi.

The new Doom was recently released to almost universal acclaim, which is wonderful to hear. To have a classic series like Doom return and be relevant once again is simply music to my ears. But all the praise I hear is almost entirely about the singleplayer. So why can’t I just have that part?

This is an idea that has been shot around all over the place for years now, especially for games like Battlefield and Call of Duty. Why can’t I just buy the multiplayer and singleplayer separately? I personally really enjoy playing through Call of Duty campaigns, and would much prefer to drop 30, 40, or even 50 dollars for that instead of the $80 (CAD) for a bunch of content that is superfluous to me. Even if that option is solely digital, that’s A-OK with me. The same goes for Battlefield, I’m sure there are those that do enjoy the campaigns, but I don’t at all. So there I would appreciate being given an option to buy just the multiplayer portion at a discount. Even if it’s $10 off the entire price of $80 to get the mode I want, that’s still better than buying into modes you know you won’t play at all, in my opinion.

singlewithasideofmulti feat

So now I’m going to end up waiting for Doom to drop in price, because (as far as I can see, with their $55 season pass) the multiplayer is their big focus going forward. So that just pushes me into the camp where I will wait for a sale. Then with more and more games always coming out, its likely that I will end up waiting even longer, then the game will even more discounted. Whereas if they offered the singleplayer up for $50 or $60 (again, CAD), I’d be much more inclined to buy that now, thinking I’m getting a deal for buying the only content I want.

But hey, why change what is already working, right? I doubt this idea will ever be implemented, but I’ll remain forever hopeful that one day I will be able to buy the actual parts of a game that I want at a (even slightly) discounted price.




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