Persona 5 vs Final Fantasy XV?

The Final Fantasy XV release date (and much more) was shown almost two months ago, and I immediately felt the hype flowing through me. But then just recently, a Persona 5 trailer was released with the Japanese release date shown at the end. This led to my Final Fantasy XV hype taking a backseat while the Persona 5 vibes have now taken over.

Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m still wildly excited for Final Fantasy XV. But I’m finding myself getting giddy whenever Atlus shows something new from Persona 5 in a way that I don’t think Square Enix can do with FFXV. Maybe it has to do with how long FFXV has taken to come to fruition, but I can’t help craving Persona 5 more. It just looks so insanely stylish and like they went wild with their ideas and creativity. I want to meet and get to know the characters, I want to explore the dungeons and world that has been crafted. Whereas in FFXV, I see what is going on and it looks very neat, but I can’t help but just go, “Oh yeah, that looks really cool. I’ll check it out whenever it releases for sure.” The words in my head sound calm and collected, opposed to where a new Persona 5 trailer simply leaves me smiling from ear to ear. It makes me lose my cool, and I wish every game could, but they don’t. Games that I know will be a special moment for me, do.


I wish that Final Fantasy XV could make me lose my cool, that I would go absolutely up the wall whenever I see it, but I don’t. I am excited and will definitely play it day one, but I can almost guarantee I’ll be dreaming of when Persona 5 will enter my life whenever I’m not playing FFXV (if it’s not out by then). Who knows, maybe Square Enix at E3 2016 will have something to show that makes me jump out of my seat for Final Fantasy XV.




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