New Game Plus Stinkers

Having recently finished Dark Souls 3, I jumped back in to try and get the platinum trophy. While I’m still pushing forward into completion, there has been a stinky feeling that I can’t shake. New game plus kind of blows.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the shirt off of Dark Souls 3. It’s a perfect finale to the series, in my mind. Unless you count the new game plus feature, which is severely lacking. Aside from that, the game is an absolute blast to play and can be overwhelmingly gorgeous on all of your senses. But wow oh boy, new game plus just feels really tedious.

In Dark Souls 2, going into new game plus, you have a whole new array of challenges ahead. Nothing too crazy, but just some changes that spice up your adventure the second time around. There are new and/or more enemies in certain areas. Things like Duke’s Dear Freja making a nice little appearance before you actually get to fight her later. There are new items waiting for you, like the butterfly outfit that poisons anyone coming near you. As I said before, none of these changes are massive, but they are changes. So for people who are planning to go through new game plus, you might be able to be caught off guard by some of these changes, good or bad.


Dark Souls 3 (and Bloodborne as pictured) more or less ignores these improvements from the second Dark Souls and just goes back into comfort mode on new game plus. You’re slashing and bashing your way through the same enemies with menial differences in health and occasionally picking up a +1, +2, or even +3 version of a ring you have already seen. I’m assuming that most people don’t really care, but it just bums me out as I loved NG+ in Dark Souls 2. I suppose that’s that though, hopefully the DLC for Dark Souls 3 leaves me with a better finale than NG++ where I finally collect all those dopey rings.




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