Spoilers aren’t a spoiled experience

Now, I know this won’t be the same opinion that the vast majority share. But that’s OK with me. Don’t worry though, no spoilers here.

Over the past year or so, I have had a lot of things spoiled for me. Yet, while that would have inherently ruined the whole game/movie/TV show before, I actually found myself not really caring anymore.

I feel like a large swathe of people hang on to a few key moments during a piece of media, and they consider those to be spoilers for others who haven’t experienced that just yet. But for me, the journey through that piece of media is what really matters. Looking back at Mass Effect 3’s fairly disappointing ending to an rather fantastic trilogy of games, I didn’t mind it as much as others did. I do agree that it was disappointing, but the game as a whole, and the series thus far was fantastic, loved every minute of it. You might be confused what this has to do with spoilers, but I apply the same logic to that as I do disappointing finales, that it’s about the entire voyage, not just any single moment.

When I hear that so-and-so dies here or that there is this twist at the end, that’s fine with me. Because if it’s something that I am interested in, I will (hopefully) still have a good time.

Now that’s not to say I wouldn’t prefer to not be spoiled before experiencing those moments for myself, it’s just that if I have been spoiled, I won’t let that ruin anything for me. I will just be slightly disappointed in the person spoiling me for sure, and probably a little salty. But I’ll do my best to still have a good time. You should too.





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