There is no rush

I have seen a lot of people moaning and groaning about having to play some game, or watch some TV show, or see some movie. Not because it’s something they won’t like, but because they simply feel obligated to do so, and force themselves through it. I believe that everyone should stop forcing themselves to push past something they aren’t really feeling yet.

The most recent piece of media I have dealt with this issue is Daredevil. I adored season 1, so you would think I would probably binge the entire second season as soon as it was available. But that’s just not how I do things. I will watch an episode of Daredevil when I’m really feeling the urge to. I’m currently 8 episodes in and nearing the end, but am doing so at my own pace. I could put off watching the final episode for multiple weeks, who knows.

This is what I wanted to post about today, don’t force yourself to push through something if you aren’t really feeling those pleasant vibes from it yet, you know? Someone bought you Fallout 4 during the holiday season, but you stopped playing 20 minutes in. Not because you didn’t enjoy your time, but because you just weren’t feeling it yet. You should go back into that new adventure itching for it, not dreading it.

All of our time is limited, and you should spend it doing something you will love.




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  1. I agree, its one of the main reasons i love hulu and netflix. You can stop a season whenever you want and come back to it when you want. I have binged a few seasons only because it grabbed me and didnt let go and others fell a little flat mid way so i watch something else and come back later. Like you said, no rush.

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