The Culling could be something special

Me and my friend entered the arena of The Culling for a couple hours today. We punched trees, rocks, and people. We also had a great time.

If you ever liked Battle Royale or The Hunger Games, and wanted to play a game like that, this is the one for you. But it also depends on your tolerance for early access games. The Culling is a Steam Early Access title, but the core fundamentals are so fun (in my opinion) that this could end up being something brilliant.

If you play with a friend, you can be a team of two and meet up at the beginning of each match in this large arena. From there, you can choose to search various key points on the map for some loot, or make some spears from branches and rocks and be on the prowl. We tried various methods of camping in larger buildings, but eventually found that we liked just wandering and seeing what we come across. Sometimes we heard a loud bang from somewhere in the distance, or other times we just found some helpless dude and chased him down. But even when we were getting our asses handed to us from other players, it was a hectic and hilarious time.

I hope that the developer Xaviant keeps adding more and more into the game and polishing it up some more, so that it doesn’t end up like some other nastier Early Access games out there. Personally, I see a ton of potential in the game and would love to see it be improved for a long while.


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