Naruto Shippuden filler is insane

Having watched One Piece for a couple years now, I am pretty used to having some filler here and there. But Naruto Shippuden has taken it a little too far for me.

There are currently 455 episodes in Naruto Shippuden, which sounds like a lot, for sure. But then looking at the number of filler episodes, that number gets cut significantly. A staggering 202 episodes of filler leaves you with 44% of the total count being filler. You could just say that they are too close to catching up with the manga to continue the anime, but that’s just not the case. In fact, the manga is over. So they’re just milking the audience for all their worth, which is absolutely disgusting to me. The non-Shippuden Naruto series had a huge amount of filler as well, with an abysmal 83 episodes of filler between the second to last and final episodes. So they left you hanging, not being able to see the end of the series for approximately 83 weeks.

For the past year, the amount of filler coming out makes it seem like that is the main series and that the canon episodes are what they just slip in there every now and then. With that in mind, you could say that the filler started back on January 8th, 2015, over a year ago. They did take a couple episode breaks from the filler, like I mentioned, to slip back in some canon story to keep it moving. But then you tune back in a couple weeks later and it’s all filler again, for the next month or two. The current string, without breaks for canon, has been running from September 3rd, 2015. I’m just completely flabbergasted every couple weeks to see that filler is back on the menu.

Here is a nice gif I threw together to show off how the episode list looks. Red is filler, green is canon. (The gif runs by the titles pretty fast, but there are title spoilers in it)



*Love&Respect, but not for filler



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