I enjoy collecting figs

Something that I have discussed with my friends multiple times, figures. The pleasure I get from collecting them, displaying them, and just viewing them. Most of them just question why anyone could like having figures around at all. But that’s OK, because to me, figures are pretty neat.

Sometimes I just browse online stores looking at different figures and statues that are around, just for the fun of it. Even just general collectibles; keychains, art books, plush toys, you name it, I look at it. It’s just a hobby like any other, like putting together model planes, playing video games, knitting, having posters, collecting CDs or vinyl. I find joy in having various objects in my abode to view and remember times where I was enjoying myself viewing or playing.

Instead of just listing off a chunk of my collection and what they mean to me and why I bought them, I’m just going to take this chance to show off my (albeit) meager collection of various trinkets and figs. So, enjoy. Or if you aren’t interested in seeing any of this nonsense, love & respect to you and see you later alligator.




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