New stuff doesn’t ruin old stuff

Metroid Prime: Federation Force, an widely panned game already. People all over the globe have gathered to show their distaste for this putrid abomination. A truly vile creation… but the real kicker? It isn’t even out yet.

(This is gonna be a long one.)

I’m not a huge Metroid fan, straight up. I have the original on my 3DS, and owned the original Metroid Prime for my Gamecube and thought it was really wicked. I never bought the second one and that carried on to the third Metroid Prime game as well. I have played many others, but never bought any others myself. Looking at sales data for the Metroid series, I can see that I am part of the problem. The problem being that Nintendo hasn’t really been giving enough attention to the Metroid series, having not seen a mainline release since Other M on the Wii (but many choose to ignore the game, for good reason). The reason for this problem being that Metroid doesn’t really sell that well. Maybe it will push a couple million units, but compared to their other series, it really is easy to see why Nintendo would try to shake things up. That’s where Federation Force comes in. Nintendo is trying to take Metroid is a sort of new direction, to get the name out there and boost sales for a Metroid game. And that… is actually fine with me.

Surely my opinion would be frowned upon, not having really paid too much attention to the Metroid series as a whole. But I am a fan, however small. I enjoy the universe and creatures of Metroid, and Samus Aran as a character. The aesthetic is really something to be applauded as well, from the music to the art direction, really fantastic world. But I actually understand needing to shake things up, possibly trying to get Metroid into the hearts and minds of younger gamers while others like me and older are questioning their style and gameplay choices.


While I am questioning their choices with the direction of the series, I wanted to make this blog post to throw out my opinion about the situation and others like it. Nintendo doing this, doesn’t limit them at all for how they carry the Metroid name further. There could be another studio that Nintendo has working on a fully-fledged Metroid game as I type this, who knows. They know, for sure, that there is at least a relatively large demand for a new mainline Metroid game. Also if the game comes out and is actually a fun time to jump in and goof around, who cares? If it’s a straight up poorly designed and boring mess, than sure, the complaints are all solidified. But this is definitely a spin-off anyway, I don’t understand why people are taking this so personally. This change in direction also won’t destroy your old games you love dearly, it also doesn’t mean the series will be changed in this way forever.

It reminds of me of when Kingdom Hearts, an action RPG series, added a card combat system in  Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Then Kingdom Hearts II came out and was back to the action RPG style of gameplay. The card combat system didn’t ruin the series, it didn’t even ruin that game for me. I really enjoyed Chain of Memories, and still went on to enjoy the combat in Kingdom Hearts II. The stranger part of this comparison is that, while I consider Chain of Memories to be a spin-off, others would consider it to be a seminal title in the series to play before Kingdom Hearts II, as it connects the story of the first game to it’s sequel.

I feel the same way about movies and TV as well; a spin-off or reboot of an old series won’t necessarily kill that brand. It certainly doesn’t ruin the original, that is and always will be there for you to view at your own leisure.

At this point, I’m basically rambling on and on. But if you have read this far, I’m sure you get my point. The new title just around the corner won’t inherently be awful, just because you don’t like what you see up front. Wait and see, maybe even give it a shot if you hear some positive buzz from people you trust. And if it is complete garbage, whoops.




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