Arkham Knight isn’t so bad

Over the course of the past year, a large swathe of people online have voice their anguish with what Rocksteady did with Batman Arkham Knight. I think it’s getting a little tiresome and out of hand.

When I bought Arkham Knight day one, I was ecstatic, I could not wait to get home and complete the last chapter in Rocksteady’s fantastic Arkham trilogy. Picked up my limited edition with the Batman statue, went home, booted up the game, and about a week and about 30 hours of actually playing the game later, I was really disappointed. The feeling of disappointed was only bolstered when I looked into online forums and saw others voicing their disdain with Arkham Knight. But now that some time has passed (almost a year), I feel differently.

With some time and distance between me and Arkham Knight, I remember my time fondly. Sure, there were some gross DLC practices on display from Warner Bros. Sure, the lack of variety with bosses was pretty disappointing as well. And well yes, the Batmobile did get a ton of mileage that wasn’t really necessary. But I still think that Arkham Knight is a great game. Not only is it gorgeous, but the gameplay is the best it has ever been, in my opinion. A wide variety of goons to fight, with some really neat gadgets, made traversing the city of Gotham a joy. I even found myself enjoying the Riddler trophies in Arkham Knight more than Asylum and City, since there is a very enjoyable payoff in one of my favourite boss fights of the series. While I even found myself figuring out the story in my own head before the twists and turns, I very much enjoyed how the story was told and was invested in almost every second.


Now while this is just pure opinion, I appreciate how much Arkham Knight has grown on me (even the Batmobile). I appreciate the game and even enjoyed going through on NG+ recently a lot more than I did going through the first time around. I can confidently say that I think Arkham Knight is great addition to the Arkham series, and a fitting finale as well.




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