Feeling those posivibes

Why doesn’t everyone just chill out and ride those posivibes?

Batman V Superman, a nice new superhero movie comes at the end of the month. I’m not feeling all too confident about it being able to deliver. But I’m also not doing any keyboard blasting on every forum available. Just going to ride it out, you know? March 25th will roll by and the movie will release. It could be the absolute greatest movie ever made in the history of film making; it could be the worst thing anyone has ever let into their eyes. I doubt either of those things, but I’m just going to ride it out on a wave of posivibes. I will see first-hand whether or not the movie is worth talking about.

Then there’s my favourite point of contention, The Last Guardian. People thought, and still think, that this game will never see the light of day. It will just disappear again, after it’s reemergence last year at E3 2015. No way, I say. Sony would not have brought this game out to show off again without assurance that it will be out relatively soon. Then people are also shooting out some negative vibes with how it will just be a disappointing game. But there is no way to really tell until reviews come out or you play it yourself. But that is just how I fell. I will just ride it out, with optimism in my gut. These posivibes will carry me to wherever the final destination is on The Last Guardian train.

So let us all just relax, I get that people are angry, worried, sad, happy, and even indifferent. But we will end up seeing what happens even if [INSERT TITLE] ends up disappointing us all. So how about we just chill and feel the calming warmth of those posivibes until the end of the ride.




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