Fatman rules

A lot of people look back at Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty with disdain. They remember being tricked into thinking they would be playing as Solid Snake the entire game. Remembering the “whiny brat” Raiden, and various other things they didn’t like. But I hope everyone can agree on one beautiful part of MGS2, the glorious Fatman.

Even when I played the game back in 2002, I loved Fatman. He was a different kind of villain in Metal Gear. He seemed a lot more grounded than the rest of the wild bosses you come across in MGS2 alone. An immortal(?) vampire, a woman who is deemed “Lady Luck” for never being able to be injured during any mission, about 20 or so Metal Gear RAY units, and others as well. Fatman is just a big bald dude who is an maniacal explosives expert and also happens to roll around on rollerskates. While some of the other villains have some crazy plan or want to control the world, Fatman just wants to roll around blowing stuff up.


During MGS2, you find an old man in a cafeteria area, his name is Stillman. He happens to be Fatman’s old mentor, taught him everything he knows. Stillman thinks he can outsmart the Fatman? I think not. Fatman tricks Stillman into getting distracted with other smaller bombs in the facility you’re in and Stillman eventually ends up paying for his mistake with his life. With Stillman gone, you as the player are left to deal with Fatman. You do end up finally dealing with him yourself. But it doesn’t seem to bother Fatman, as he feels that outdoing Stillman and leaving you with one final surprise to find is good enough for him. His last words to you are, “Laugh and grow fat!”

With that, Fatman would forever be stuck at the top of my favourite Metal Gear Solid villains.




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