Craving that (FFXII)HD

Back in 2006, the PS2 was hit with it’s final mainline Final Fantasy game. I owned the game and enjoyed it, but never ended up finishing it. Now, nearly a decade after release, I would absolutely love to give Final Fantasy XII another chance.

Now, I suppose this blog post could end right here if I still owned the game. My PlayStation 2 is still in working condition, and I guess I could just re-buy the game via eBay or Amazon. But having seen what Square Enix did (relatively) recently for Final Fantasy X and X-2 (re-releasing them in 1080p for PS3 and PS4) just makes me wish they would jump on over to Final Fantasy XII as well. I would jump at the chance to buy the game and show my support for a game I remember fondly. Every time I look at old screenshots and gameplay footage, it makes me appreciate the game even more. I may not have finished the game back in the day, but I would love to be given to chance to now.

No matter how many times I bring this topic up to my girlfriend, she is always struck with a jolt of jolliness. A light in her eyes are she remembers all the time she gladly sunk into the game on PS2. That was the regular version too, so when I told her about a supposedly better version of the game she is so fond of, this just bolsters her hope that they re-release the game in a way she can support. Even if I get to play the game again and never fully complete it, just like last time, I know she (and many others) would.

Don’t let hope die, Square. Make some dreams come true.




(Here’s hoping that Square is going to announce it at the Final Fantasy XV event on March 30th.)


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