Early announcements

I have started to work on an idea for this blog post, so I hope everyone is excited to see what I might have to show you in the future. But for now, here is some example text:


Back in 2014, Electronic Arts first showed off a conceptual prototype of a new Mass Effect, effectively announcing the game without showing off an official title just yet. A year later, they announced the game for real this time. Now it is 2016, we hear that the game won’t be out this year, but instead in Q1 2017. But there is no way we don’t see this game again at E3 this year. So that will have been three years that EA has talked about this game, stringing all the fans along for this entire time. Trying to pump up the hype each time. Personally, I cannot do it anymore. I am excited to play a new Mass Effect, but I’m just sick of hearing EA and BioWare talk about it. The worst part about that is that they haven’t really said anything about the game yet. We have never seen this game in motion yet, and I am already tired of them showing it off.

We will go back a little further than that, back to 2012. At the Spike VGAs, a mysterious trailer was shown for a game, The Phantom Pain. Then in March 2013, Hideo Kojima revealed that he and his team were behind the trailer and are making Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. From that point until release on September 1st, 2015, we were hit with an onslaught of new trailers for the game. While I was insanely hyped on the game only after viewing the first couple trailers. I avoided the rest out of fear of spoiling too much for myself before launch. But I still kept hearing about it multiple times a year for all that time. Multiple years of being strung along for the sake of hype.


There are many companies doing this exact same thing, trying to convince us all to get hyped up for years. Frankly, I wish that they would all just be quiet until they are within at least six months of being finished with the game. I may not have enjoyed Fallout 4, but Bethesda did an absolutely beautiful job in terms of announcing the game and then releasing it. They waited until they were sure they would be ready to release, and then dropped the news and did marketing for the game as normal. This is how I think it should be done.

That isn’t going to happen though, so please be excited.







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