I want to give you money, so let me.

There are some video games out there that I love so dearly. So much so that I want to give the big companies that make them as much money as I can to show my support. But they just won’t let me.

I wanted to give Konami, of all companies, as much money as possible for Kojima Productions’ latest creation, Metal Gear Solid V. I was willing to drop an easy $400 for a life-size robo-arm that came in the Premium Package. But it didn’t happen, not because I didn’t have the money, but because Konami just didn’t want to sell me the version I wanted. This was not a first for this kind of situation and it certainly won’t be the last.

Nintendo is guilty of this as well. Giving Europe and Japan really awesome looking collectibles and various collector’s editions that never make their way to North America. Just today I was looking up items I would like to purchase to celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of my favourite franchises, Pokemon. I love Pokemon, my girlfriend loves Pokemon, so we want to buy all of the cool collectibles we can to celebrate. Not going to happen, sorry. Recently announced for Japan, Nintendo will be releasing plush Ditto versions of a bunch of different Pokemon. Me and my special lady are obsessed with these goofy-looking toys, we want them all; gotta catch ’em all, as they say. But now I’m worried they will not ever make their way over to where a ton of other Pokemon fans are willing to purchase these and many other pieces of Japan exclusive merchandise.


I know it’s a strange thing to complain about, but I love having collectibles and such from all of my favourite properties. I personally feel really bummed about not being to display these wicked figures and other memorabilia that get release elsewhere in the world. Why can’t everyone share in the joy? I’m not saying North America should get special treatment, I’m saying that (if there is an audience) everyone across the globe should have a chance to buy all this cool stuff. Even if it’s as a limited run, because of a smaller audience, at least I will feel as if I just missed my chance as opposed to feeling left out all together.

I just want to give you money for the dang toys you’re all selling, let me do it.





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