Why are you forcing me to pay $60?

The absolute gall of these indie developers. Everyone knows that they put less work into making a game than their AAA counterparts. How can they justify charging full price for their wee indie game? It is just appalling to me.

For real, yo.

The smaller development teams of today working on games such as The Witness or No Man’s Sky have been subject to backlash about their price tag. This is just something I don’t get at all. The hardworking people on these teams pour their heart and soul into the game and eventually land on a price they see fit for their game. They work hard, just like anyone else making games (maybe even harder depending on the scope of the game and size of the team). Why should they be called out for what they think their game is worth?

The word “indie” is thrown around so much that it has become something that basically means a smaller and cheaper product. I completely disagree with this sentiment at all junctures. I just cannot wrap my head around that thought process. If the people working on their game think their creation is worth $30, $40, $60, or even more, who are we to say it isn’t? Especially so if we haven’t even played the thing yet. If you see that game and assume that it’s not worth your money at anything over $20, don’t buy it. If the game doesn’t sell at their price, they are surely going to knock it down some and then you can buy it at a price better for you. If that doesn’t happen? Just wait, like you would for any of those “massive AAA” games. They aren’t going anywhere, and there are surely other games you could be playing that you deem worth your hard earned cash. There are so many different options to choose when buying games.

That is all I am saying about this whole price debacle. Nobody is forcing you to buy anything. Anyone can also charge a meager $1 for their game as well, nobody is forcing you to pay that price either.




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