Where to put all these amiibo?

With the release of the Wolf Link, Ryu and Famicom Colors R.O.B., I find myself running out of places to put all these amiibo. I only have a small room to display all of my figures and collectibles, so with Nintendo making a plethora of characters into amiibo that I want, things are getting… troublesome.

I have amiibo sitting on top of other figures hanging on my wall, inside a cabinet next to my desk, above me sitting at my desk, and more sitting in various other places in my room. There aren’t even that many that I own, with the total being 10 amiibo (13 if you count all the variations of Mr. Game & Watch). The fact that they’re smaller than a lot of the other figures I have make it a little less complicated, but I just don’t know where to put them anymore. There are a bunch of amiibo I have taken out of their boxes, but I actually think that most of the amiibo look better in-box. That makes them also take up more about double the space they would otherwise. If I put up shelves on my other walls, I would just be drilling more holes into my walls and I have done enough of that as is. It is just a lot more complicated the more I think about it. It’s also rather simple at the same time. I could simply not get anymore amiibo. That’s the easy answer, I guess.


It is silly to think that I am the only one having this issue though. What about people with Skylanders or Disney Infinity figures? They must be going nuts with having to make space for all these wacko toys. The thing about amiibo is that I just wonder how long Nintendo can keep making them. Will the quota going forward just be one or two for each large retail release, or will they go with the crazy route they took for the Super Smash Bros. and Animal Crossing lines? Will Nintendo make new characters with the sole intention of having them be amiibo in the future? I certainly don’t know, and I’m not really sure that they know themselves.

But I know for sure that I cannot let that sweet Ryu amiibo pass me by. So something else in my room will have to be pushed aside for the time being so I can look at Ryu flex above my desk.







  1. I feel your pain, I have about 20 amiibo myself and had my brother make me a rack to display them all on. The only problem is, my rack is now full and there are so much more amiibo figures to get. I have all of mine out of the boxes otherwise they wouldn’t fit. Why do I find them so appealing? I don’t know, what I do know is that I must have the Wolf Link, Cloud & Bayonneta amiibos. They are more addictive than Pokémon 😉

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