Too much Pokemon

I was going to update my blog earlier today with something I really wanted to talk about. That didn’t happen, obviously, so now there is only this post. Not that I was extremely busy working on something else or even just playing games. From around 2 AM until 1:30 PM I was watching the 24 hour livestream of Pokemon. I got there relatively late into the stream, so I was just watching a bunch of mediocre Pokemon movies for the duration of my time there. Even though the movies weren’t all that great, I still had a ton of fun watching them all with the other 40-60 thousand people who were there. It actually felt like a odd little journey by the end. There were ups and downs, people even loved and hated certain characters. The chat was wild (not surprising), but it felt marvelous being a part of everyone’s craziness.

Now my sleeping schedule is completely thrown off and will take some time to recover, but I don’t regret it one bit.





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