“git gud casul”

With the release of Dark Souls 3 just around the corner, I figured I would take the time to point out something that really bothers me about this series. As I am assuming most can guess from the title alone, it isn’t the game itself, more a part of the community that surrounds these games.

For whatever reason with the Souls series, some people out there playing want to push their own gaming agenda on to you. I don’t understand the purpose behind it. They only use a certain set of tools, so they expect you to as well. If you don’t abide by their rules, you are likely frowned upon by many of the “hardcore” players and sometimes they even try to verbally use you using whatever messaging system available. I just cannot understand why; why bother getting so fussy about something you did to yourself? If I am going through an area and I find myself getting invaded by another player looking to tear me down, you bet your ass I’m going to use all I got to win that fight and continue my journey. I treat it just like any other enemy in the game. If I invaded someone’s game, I would expect them to heal as well. This kind of thing has been a problem (in my eyes) for years, ever since I jumped into the series back in 2011. But this is just one problem I have.

As we get ever closer to the launch of Dark Souls 3, the hype is building. Newcomers are hearing about this series that millions of others hold near and dear. They are curious about and pick up some of the older titles. Those players find themselves in a pickle and try asking on one of the many internet forums for some tips. Some bum shows up, tells the newcomer to “git gud” when they are looking for actual advice. Others simply quote that as a reply and let that be their impression to the new player of this community. That really grosses me out.


I don’t know how to fix any of these problems, and I am not saying that they aren’t present in any other gaming community. I just love these games so much and I want others to as well. I also know that it’s not extremely common or anything, that it really is just nitpicking small issues with the Souls community. I just had to get it off my chest.

This is just personal issue I have and is purely my opinion on the matter, but I stand by it. It irks me to see others being jumped on for using a certain weapon, pieces of armour, or just healing during a fight. Use whatever you want, everyone. Don’t be ashamed with your choices, we are all given the same options to choose from. We are all wearing Havel’s armour deep down.










git gud bucko


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