What’s Up? – February 27th, 2016.

Just sharing what I was up to in the past week. I will be trying to do this at the end of each week, mostly just to keep track of what is going on for myself. But, I mean, if I didn’t watch or play anything, there really is no point in posting about it.

First up is that I finished up with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. I had already beaten the main game by this point, but I was making my way through the Jack the Ripper DLC. I think I may have actually enjoyed the downloadable content more than the main game itself. I just found there were too many problems with the main package, that even transferred over into this content, which is a real shame. Overall though, I would not really recommend this to anyone unless you really only wanted a few improvements over Assassin’s Creed Unity.


Second up is the Kickstarter and indie darling, Shovel Knight. I know that it’s mighty old, but I finally forced myself to get through to the end. By forced I mean that I did not really enjoy the game. It’s cute, controls are great, the aesthetic is a tour de force, and I don’t have a problem with how difficult it is either. It just did not click with me. There is not much to say here, I started the game quite some time ago, but finally decided to blast my way through to the end and then uninstalled it. I did take a gander at the Plague Knight content that they added, but didn’t really want to play through the game again.


The third game on my list that I played was the Strider reboot. I also started this ages ago, but just got around to finishing it. This game was the opposite of how I felt about Shovel Knight, though. I found it to be a fast, slick, and just all-around wicked game. It was just a lot of fun to play for me. There are pointless concept art and “enemy intel” collectibles that you can find, but I kept running around the levels searching for them anyway. I just wanted to keep playing. I cannot recommend Strider enough, just a blast to play, in my opinion. I am sure you can get it really cheap during a Steam sale as well.


The last game this week is one I don’t really have much to say about, since I just started playing it, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. An RPG originally released for the PSP got a high-definition re-release and now I’m finally playing it. A ton of people hopped onto this game as soon as they heard about the Final Fantasy XV demo, but I was more curious about this game. I have had access to this game since it’s release, but I just got around to starting it today. From what I have seen, it could end up being something I really enjoy, but for now that is all I got.


I also started watching a new TV show and picked up a returning one. Vikings, the show on the History channel, came back for it’s fourth season recently. I personally think that show absolutely rules and everyone should check it out all the back from season one; worth watching it all from the very beginning, in my opinion.


The second TV show is a relatively new series called The Expanse. I believe it is based on a book series of the same name, of which I have not read. I’m only two episodes (out of 10) in right now, but I actually think it is one of the best shows Syfy has put out in a while. I have seen a lot of people refer to it as their new Battlestar Galactica. Really neat show if you are into sci-fi at all. It has also been renewed for a second season in 2017, so you have quite some time to catch up if you would like to.


That is all for the week of February 27th, 2016. I had ups and downs, but I am pretty happy to have knocked a couple games off my backlog. Also, the fact that Vikings has returned always makes me feel dandy.


*Love & Respect



Oh, and I saw Deadpool too. Not bad.




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