This Ain’t Right

I was in the kitchen, getting myself some cool chocolate milk. After a few minutes, I make my way back to my room. Taking a seat in my chair, I look up… something monstrous looks back at me. It’s stare pierces through my eyes and into my skull, disturbing something inside me; what I see leaves me deeply unsettled, knowing I can’t make it go away.


How could this happen? A clear and obvious miscalculation, surely. An abomination made reality. Two games in the same series that were released on the same system, with a different font on the spine? They don’t look similar in the slightest. Does Nintendo think I’m supposed to display these two games together like this? I’m almost considering the idea of putting one of them away in some drawer while the other is on display with the rest of my 3DS games.

Now, I’m surely overreacting, I know. It just irks me as a “collector” of games. I don’t own all the games for the 3DS, not even close. But I like to display all my games proudly. I’m content showing off my games as I would a book or a movie. Sure, this petty issue doesn’t bother 99% of people who own physical games, but it does bother me. What’s more is that I’ll always be bothered, because nobody will ever rectify this or care in the future. I guess I could make my own cover art to put on the box with a custom spine, but that’s just effort I shouldn’t have to go through.

I just had to get this all of my chest as soon as I saw this monster sitting on my shelf.


*Love & Respect



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