No more Chocobo training

I put myself through pain, but it had to be done.

My significant other is currently working her way through getting all of the trophies in Final Fantasy X HD Remaster. She is actually much further than I would have been before giving up out of frustration. Well, yesterday, she got to the part where she was going after the “Chocobo Rider” trophy. She hit a bit of a snag with this and was getting furious, then she decided she would ask me if I would try and see if I could do it. She had helped me with getting passed something recently when I was stuck, so I figured I would try to return the favour. I asked what I had to do.


How you are supposed to get 0:0:0 in the race is that you collect balloons that take away three seconds each. But it isn’t just that simple, there are two caviats. Number one is that you are racing against an opponent who is also trying to get said balloons. The second is that you have some weird bird creatures swooping down from the sky to fly into you and your fellow racer like a homing missile; getting hit by one of said birds will stun you for at least three seconds. These rules are mildly frustrating to deal with, but I’m thinking, “okay, sounds a bit rough, but I’ll try it out.”

Chocobo Racing Balloon.jpg

Boy, I have never been so surprised how furious something made me. Not only are the controls wonky to get around, but my chocobo kept deciding it would occasionally go in the opposite direction I was pressing for it to go in. I am not sure if this was a controller problem or anything with the game itself, but I had to deal with it either way. Now, the actual act of getting the trophy didn’t take too long, but it was certainly an experience I did not enjoy one bit. Shouting expletives left and right, I eventually got lucky enough with those dive kicking birds that I finally finished the race with 15 balloons, two hits, and more importantly, 0:0:0 on the clock!

After a celebratory high-five and an explosive shout from us both, we went back to normal and now I will never touch anything to do with chocobo training ever again. But I will be haunted by the disgusting song that played over and over for quite some time.




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